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Our very first episode of the Young OSCAM Masterclass! Arthur Manduapessy, co-founder and creative director of creative agency GOWTU Agency will tell you all about how to pitch and present your work.⁠ This new video series is a collaboration between OSCAM and advertising agency 180Kingsday. We’ve started our partnership in 2019, and together we want to help the young generation with new career insights in the art, museum or advertising scene. Especially in this hectic and uncertain time it’s amazingly fulfilling and motivating to create opportunities! Thinking about starting your career in advertising? Keep an eye out, because starting early 2021, 180Kingsday is looking for creative talent to join their apprenticeship program.⁠ It is a pleasure working with you 180 Kingsday, Sander Volten, Jenny Leung, Ross Weaver, Simon Berthoud, Veronique Engel and Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas! More of this please!