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Tonight at 8.30 pm a new episode of Amsterdam Museum Live can be seen in the Amsterdam Museum with moderators Jorgen Tjon A Fong and Maurice Seleky: ‘Exhibiting the colonial past. How do we do that?’ This broadcast focuses on (dealing with) the colonial past in a museum context. With speakers:
* Priya Swamy (curator of globalization and South Asia at the Tropenmuseum)
* Inez van der Scheer (junior curator modern and contemporary art)
* Damiët Schneeweisz (Johan Huizinga Fellow at the Rijksmuseum)
* Marieke Bloembergen (senior researcher at the Royal Institute of Linguistics, Land- and Ethnology and professor of archival and postcolonial studies at Leiden University)
* Writer and performer Babs Gons.

What do you think are the do’s and don’ts?

Check out the interview and more information.