Kommigraphics always works
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With pride and appreciation I share my nomination for ‘Amsterdammer van het jaar 2023’! I am been working for over 25 years in a variety of disciplines, aiming to introduce different narratives in the cultural field. I started as a journalist, produced national- and international events, following a career in fashion and eventually stranded at OSCAM. “No matter the outcome, I already feel like a winner. Every day I get to work with the amazing OSCAM team. I also feel like a winner because we get to create and present stories that aren’t mainstream. We’re part of a select but solid network that find it important to work around decolonisation, decentralisation and that work with a divers group of people. Yes, I am shocked and honoured that I am nominated for this amazing title. I don’t know the outcome but what I do know is that ‘new narratives’ are a basic need in the world of museums. Basically everywhere. Lobi for all!” Vote here!

Picture: Anita Edridge