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Bas Kosters 'Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven'

Bas Kosters ’Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven’ is the new exhibition in OSCAM. It consists of a collection of colourful tapestries and drawings that showcase the world of Bas Kosters. The viewer is invited to the world of Bas Kosters, one of the leading fashion designers in the Netherlands. It’s a world full of research, memories, inspiration, experiment and craftsmanship. Through the tapestries and drawings, the richness and depth of Bas Kosters’ work is shown. The tapestries are made out of multi-layered textiles on which freehand-cutted human and animal figures are artistically attached. Kosters’ love for colours and materials are clearly seen in his work. Fabrics as cotton, wool and silk are carefully selected and collected. Every piece of fabric is used thoughtfully in the tapestries. Read all about it on the site of Modemuze.