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This picture means a lot to me: the next generation is taking over! Three years ago Charmaine Wartes sent me a Facebook dm message. She wanted to apply for a job at MAFB. Somehow I thought she was someone else and I asked her to be at the Tropenmuseum on Saturday at 7:00 am. On the day itself I walked to her and asked her who she was? And she said: “Yes, I had to be here at 7:00 am”. And the rest is history.

Charmaine has developed herself into a very responsible MAFB project manager. June 2018 I started a collaboration with ‘Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap’ on behalf of MAFB. Because minister Ingrid van Engelshoven announced that she wanted to give a boost to Dutch fashion industry.

And guess what? Charmaine represents me and MAFB during the meetings. We argue a lot, because we both have a strong and sharp opinion and vision. And we do not take no for an anwser. But we menage! With OC&W and different fashion stakeholders we worked on a fashion program.

Together we are striving to make existing organizations more visible and bring them together, especially those that are committed to a more innovative and future-oriented fashion system, in which circularity, inclusiveness and social commitment are central.

Internally, there have been several conversations about the narrative, the mapping and the activities from and within the program. Although we came a long way, we did not want to exclude other voices. Therefore, we invited several people working in the Dutch fashion industry for a work session.

During the work session, the guests brainstormed about how this industry can be future-steady, how the mapping for the program could be and which activities can contribute to the narrative.

It was a constructive day with a lot of input for the fashion program. We will keep you updated about the proces, the program itself and what is further planned for 2020.

Special thanks for Gemeente Arnhem for facilitating this day with their location and big shout out to Charmaine Wartes for representing MAFB and our community.