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I promised my OSCAM colleague Charmaine Wartes to do more interviews. First interview of 2021, Wednesday 27th of January 2021 from 18.00 – 19.00 (GMT +1) at the FASHIONCLASH YouTube Channel.

Within the context of the 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, FASHIONCLASH teamed up with Chanel Trapman of MUMSTER and will host an online live conversation, centered around the topic of sustainability in fashion; not just focusing on environmental aspects but also including wellbeing, emotions, inclusion and identity.

Other conversation members are:
* Branko Popovic (FASHIONCLASH)
* Chanel Trapman (MUMSTER)
* Daniëlle Bruggeman (Professor of Fashion, ArtEZ University of the Arts)
* Roosmarie Ruigrok (Clean&Unique, Reflow Project, Green Deal Circulaire Denim)
* Tom van der Borght (Award-winning designer)