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Save the date for ‘Speak Session: Future is now’ with moderator Karin Amatmoekrim. Looking forward in time we can already conclude that society is changing rapidly with COVID-19 and its impact on the world. In this short period we are learning that all of us depend on all of us. What does a new society look like? What do we need, what do we not need? How can creatives and entrepreneurs add value in a new world?

For our first series of talks we invited:

* Lee Stuart – brand manager PATTA

* Violette Esmeralda – head photography PATTA

* Els van der Plas – director Nationale Opera & Ballet

* Clayde Menso – director Amerpodia

* Nadine Ridder – creative strategist, writer

* Daan Lucas – founder creative agency random studio

* Greo Belgers – group director marketing Triodos Bank

* Anthony Harrison – creative director (Nike/Adidas/Mecca)

* Marian Spier, Board member VandenEnde Foundation

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