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Interview Het Parool

OSCAM will be 2 years in exactly 25 days. I have learned a lot in these two years about how to share my vision: think different, look different and do different. Amsterdam is outgrowing all its borders. Annually, around 10.000 new residents settle in the city. In the past decade, the city has developed into a magnet for people all around the world. They come here to learn, to live and to work. People from different cultural backgrounds must feel welcome and at home in here. A logical consequence of this, should be that they can manifest and recognize themselves in the Amsterdam world of art and culture. At this moment, the dominant gaze of that world, barely represents the diversity of our city and of our country. The time has come to think different, look different and do different. Anyhow, bla-bla-bla-etcetera-etcetera-etcetera! Today during Museumnacht Femke Halsema and Tanja Jadnanansing open our Speak Sessions XXL - edition at 7PM in OSCAM. Read more about this special edition and about my love for Hip Hop and how OSCAM thinks different, looks different and does different. Hip-Hop-one-of-the-loves-of-my-life