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On Tuesday 18 October I joined the roundtable discussion ‘Jonge Makers’ about heritage and cultural education in Suriname organized by Dutch Culture on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.┬áRepresentatives from Suriname will be present from: Forum Tolin Toli Masanga, Anco Multi Services, Stichting Kibii, On Stage Performing Arts and The Back Lot.┬áThe conversations are led by moderator Dorothy Blokland, who is herself active as a theater maker, spoken word artist and actress.The central question is: Nine out of ten Surinamese leave for the Netherlands to study and do not return afterwards. How do you stop the overflow of talents looking for training abroad?’ View the video here.

Credits: video by Robbert Doelwijt Jr. and music by Ingmar Kiemeneij for OSCAM (Keti Koti July 2022)