Kommigraphics always works
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In May Jeroen Visser and Ineke Bussemaker from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) approached me for a collabo. Their energetic attitude and enthusiasm immediately made me enthusiastic. I always wanted to do something with artists and residences and in no time OSCAM AIR was born.

OSCAM AIR gives artists/brands, from all disciplines, the opportunity to 'settle' in the HvA at the Business Campus in Amsterdam Southeast for 5 months in a school year, creating space for connection, reflection and new insights within an environment where education is already fundamental.

The theme of the first OSCAM AIR is 'good citizenship' What does 'good citizenship' mean to you? I asked Raquel van Haver, Lisa Konno, The New Originals (TNO) and Patta to translate their answer into art.

The artworks are showcased online for non-students. For more info about the collaboration, the artists (incl. a short interview) and their art check here!