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Resist! Take a stand in fashion

‘Resist! Take a stand in fashion’ is a photography exhibit curated by Mila Ernst (Modemuze), Lisa Whittle (Modemuze) and Marian Duff (OSCAM). They asked the photographers Carin Verbruggen, Marques Malacia, Alexander van Keulen en Yves Saidi to reflect on ‘resistance’ in fashion together with four young curators from Modemuze. The teams will show their vision, by creating new photographic work and telling new and old stories based on the heritage collection of Modemuze. Each team choses an example from the fashion and costume collections of the Amsterdam Museum, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum Rotterdam and the Tropenmuseum as their source of inspiration. This will accompany their new work and updated stories in a kick-ass photo exhibition. Read all about it on the site of Modemuze and on FashionUnited.