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Traditional African Surinamese music meets Afriek

Kwaku Summer Festival invited me to develop a fashion concept at the last Sunday in the Nelson Mandela park in Amsterdam. And so I did! Therefore I selected fashion brand Afriek, stylist Richard Soesanna, musician Orlando Ceder and 9 new male faces to express their vision of ‘Melanin’. Afriek creates an inspiring collection of hand tailored blazers in cooperation with talented craftsmen in Kigali. It is only one tailor who makes an Afriek blazer, from the cutting of the fabric to the final stitches of the lining. Creating each blazer takes many hours of devoted handwork, leaving a unique signature of the tailor in every piece he makes. To meet our high standards, every tailor is carefully selected. Their commitment, close attention to detail and love for the fabric results in our high quality and unique blazers. So take your time to meet our proud tailors! Richard Soesanna is a fashionable soldier who always aims to take things to the next level. In his work as a stylist but also as a resident DJ and team captain of Club MAFB in the Chicago Social Club. Making girls and boys dance and shine is what he loves to do most! Everybody wants to be his muze. Orlando Ceder brings traditional acapella and cultural African Surinamese music. Each performance is a musical culture trip. His voice hits. The show was litttt!