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Yeah! Educational program fashion fest on his way

Very happy to announce that I’m curating this year’s fashion fest. A co-creation between MAFB and the Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC) - of the Tropenmuseum, Afrika Museum and Museum Volkenkunde. The fashion fest stands for diversity, talent and inspiration through cultural heritage. This year’s is Fashion Cities Africa. The theme focuses on the cities Casablanca, Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. Friday June 23 at 12:00 new faces can attend our exclusive casting day in the Studio of the Tropenmuseum. This one is gonna be extra special, because I invited my friends Said Mahrouf, Ajbilou-Rosdorff and Afriek to help us. It's going to be ace. I promise. New faces can sign-up here: bit.ly/2qlsGZp.